Christian Brooks

Christian Brooks started racing go-karts at the age of 6. Since then he has competed against the most advance racers from around the world in his age group. Christian has numerous podium and championship wins. His sportsmanship ,personality, confidence and racing ability makes him an inspiration to all racers.

Christian’s passion for racing makes him light up every time he is at the track or talking about his racing! When Christian is behind the wheel of his go-kart or racecar he is extremely competitive and in charge. We love the fact that people come up to us all the time on and off the track to tell us what a well-mannered, mature young man he is.

Christian’s pure joy at winning pole position or winning a race exemplifies his outstanding sportsmanship. The way Christian show’s his outstanding sportsmanship win or lose by giving a high five to all his competitors for a job well done makes Christian a role model to us all.

Christian’s competitive nature, his confidence and his discipline on the track will truly make his dreams come true. Christian Brooks UN-doubtfully will be one of the most successful race car drivers of his generation. Christian’s family, friends and his Sponsors will always be there for him to help him with his journey.


2016 Red Bull Global Rallycross #44


  • 2015-SKUSA Pro Kart Champion-Tag Senior
  • 2015-Rotax Senior Team USA Member- Algarve, Portugal
  • 2015-Rotax Can Am-Senior Vice Champion
  • 2015-Rotax Challenge of the Americas -Senior Vice Champion
  • 2014-Rotax Jr.Team USA Member-Valencia, Spain
  • 2014-Skusa Pro Tour-Double weekend Champion
  • 2014-Skusa SuperNATS S5- Top 5
  • 2014-Skusa Pro Kart California Tag Jr. Series Champion
  • 2014-Skusa S5 Champion
  • 2014-Skusa Pro Tour Summer Nationals-Champion/S5
  • 2014-Skusa Pro Tour Spring Nationals- 2x Champion Tag Jr.
  • 2014-US Rotax Grand Nationals-Top 5
  • 2014-Rotax Challenge of the Americas/Junior-Vice Champion
  • 2013-SuperNationals-Rotax Jr. Podium Top 5
  • 2013-PRD Pan Am of Karting Champion
  • 2013-PRD/Skip Barber Challenge Scholarship winner
  • 2012- SuperNationals-Podium Top 5-Cadet
  • 2012-Gatorz Challenge of the Americas Mini- max Champion