Our story

The KeepKlean journey started when two longtime friends, Alejo and Lucas, got together one day during their beginning years of college. They were both frustrated with the way young adults were living and maintaining their living spaces. Their friend’s apartments were usually dirty with unwashed dishes, and usually ran out of toilet (usually you realize you need TP when you need it the most). They both saw that the issue was not because college students and young adults simply didn’t care about their living space being tidy, rather they realized that it is simply because there was much more to life than constantly having to worry about your household essential items. With that, KeepKlean was born in efforts to help young adults and college students ease their lifestyle transition of living at home with parents to living on their own, by providing a subscription service including the essentials they need to keep a place klean.

KeepKlean is a subscription service for individuals that are transitioning from living at home to living by themselves for the first time. KeepKlean helps individuals become more efficient by supplying individuals with disposable household essential goods at a cheaper cost than convenience stores. Students and young adults are busy with work, school, and socializing, KeepKlean understands this, and that is why we provide a service that will curate a set of products delivered to your door saving you time and money.‚Äč

Who we are

Tired of going to the mall for home cleaning supplies?

With KeepKlean you no longer have to worry about kitchen or bathroom supplies!